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By crowdsourcing jobs to the Jobhive marketplace, employers are getting more qualified candidates than with job boards or in-house recruiting—at a lower cost than using an agency.

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Get truly qualified candidates.

Our recruiters qualify candidates by the unique qualities that AI and job boards are blind to. After all, people are more than a list of skills on a resume.

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We’ll do the selling for you.

Let us sell what makes your company great. By the time you reach out for an interview—your candidates will already be buzzed from all that great company Kool-aid.

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Spend time on what matters most.

We won't bury you in hundreds of low-quality applicants. Through our easy-to-use platform you’ll get access to only the best candidates for each of your positions.

"We were blown away by the caliber of candidates that we received. The team here had never seen such good candidates from this location. We were able to attract and hire a world-class member of the executive team much faster than we had imagined."
—Adam Greenhood, President & CEO, AdWallet
"After just a few candidates I thought 'Now this is what I'm talking about'. The talent we were given was night-and-day better than what we had previously received from agencies. We extended several offers to the first set of candidates and made a critical hire for the business."
—Dan Lambert, CEO & Founder, PathologyWatch

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