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Video Applications

Do your job listings interview applicants? Ours do.

Video Applications give you insight into each applicant's excitement, passion, and enthusiasm for the position – all things a static professional profile or paper resume can’t.

How it Works



It’s really easy

Candidates use their smart phones or webcam to record a quick, 60-second introduction during the application process. No app needed.

It’s effective

4 out of 5 of hires on JobHive were with candidates who recorded a video application. Proof that employers hire people they want to work with, not static resumes.

It’s more human

You’re not sifting through paper or PDFs anymore. You’re making a real, human connection with a person who wants to work for you.


For the first time ever, applicants get a Guaranteed Response™

In the past, tracking and responding to every applicant was nearly impossible — but JobHive is changing all of that. With Guaranteed Response™ you can feel good knowing candidates get live notifications when their resume is viewed, if the team is considering them, if the position was filled and of course, when you've extended an offer.


JobHive for Job Seekers


It’s automated

In-app and email notifications happen behind the scenes, saving you time and energy.  No time consuming emails or phone calls. 

It’s instant

As you track and manage applicants, they receive live notifications inside of JobHive and via email, reducing time to hire. 

It’s more human

Guaranteed Response™ notifications make you feel good about informing candidates of where they stand in the hiring process.